Day 21-22: Berkeley

September 15-16, 2013.

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I spent two very enjoyable days with friends in Berkeley. They have an extremely comfortable loft bed in their study, a very peaceful back garden featuring a grape arbor, and a couple of cats. Plus lots of good food and good company. Highlights included:

– Wandering about on Saturday and getting lost for almost two hours in REI. I found some bike clothes to replace some that were wearing thin on the clearance racks, and a new pair of bike gloves at the tag sale (selling returned goods at a discount) that was fortuitously going on at the time.

– Having dinner, ice cream with berries, and a game of Red November with a group of 4 college friends.

– A walk around Berkeley and a trip to a very good ice cream parlor (I had Thai iced tea and vanilla creme brule, and I believe I will try to reproduce both of them).

– A shopping trip to Monterey Market, which demonstrated the extreme variety of produce available around here.

– Spring roll making for dinner.

Bronwyn Woods