TAS day 9: Freycinet National Park

January 4, 2016. 8km.

Today was a rest day. It rained overnight again, but since I wasn’t going anywhere, I didn’t care if the tent was wet. The international crowd set off at 9:30 or so to do the 15k-ish walk around the Hazards. I wanted to go into town for food, so bid them goodbye. From the national park campground, you can walk down the beach and then up a short path to get to town. It was still a bit cloudy when I headed out.

Cloudy Hazards.

I found a cafe first, and had a cappuccino and piece of orange cake. It was very pleasant. Then I went in search of the fabled free wifi point to see if it would work better to upload photos to this blog than over cell phone tethering. I didn’t get the town free wifi to work, but I did find a bakery with wifi, so I got another cappuccino and a mince pie. Turned out that the photo upload was still problematic. So I just decided to make the blog photos small enough to work and worry about it otherwise. Regardless,I spent a while adjusting and uploading the blog posts until I ran out of battery on the iPad. Since I wanted a chance to at least do the short viewpoint walk up the Hazards, I headed back to camp by way of the grocery store.

It got sunny again.

I took the unloaded (weird!) bike to the trailhead about 4km from the camp. There were a predictably large number of tourists even though it was a bit late (4pm or so). 

One of the Hazards from closer up.

The walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout wasn’t that long (maybe 1km) and was a very well built trail with stairs and all.

Path to the viewpoint.
There’s a weird rock.
This chair was elegant, but extremely uncomfortable.
View of some tourists.
View of Wineglass Bay.

To the left of this image, you can see the beginnings of the rain storm that caught up with me about when I got back to camp after hiking back to the trailhead and biking (mostly) down the road. At the trailhead was a kangaroo being fed by tourists.

The kangaroo being fed.

Right next to the sign that said

One result of all this taming, was that there was a kangaroo standing calmly in the middle of the road part way back to the camp. Wasn’t phased at all by the cars or my bike.

I hid from the rain in the BBQ shelter while eating dinner, and then in my tent. And basically just went to sleep.

Bronwyn Woods
Data about plants riding bicycles?