TAS day 18: Hobart to Mt Field National Park

January 13, 2016. 80km.

Today was hot. This was the primary thing that I noticed about today. Very hot. Very sunny. Not fun for riding. The internet claims it hit 35 Celsius. Ugh. Luckily, it’s not supposed to stay that way after today.

Partly because of the heat, I didn’t really take many pictures today. It was 80km of up and down (but nothing major) along the river, choosing the side that the major road didn’t go on (crossing twice). 

One of the few pictures I took. The river in a wide spot.
One of the few pictures I took. The river in a wide spot.

I also felt the need to take a picture when I went through this town.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the sign that advertised the ‘Dromedary Quarry’, which conjured some fun imagery.

I stopped for nearly two hours for lunch in a bakery/cafe, and trudged exhausted into Mt Field National park with just enough time to pay for camping and get an ice cream before the visitor center closed. Luckily, it’s nice here and I’m going to stay out tomorrow to recover and hike to some waterfalls. The Dutch couple I met in Richmond are also here, and are also staying for two nights. I wonder how long we’ll end up tracking each other.

This evening there were gentle thunderstorms, which were slightly annoying due to driving me into the tent, but at least cooled the air off a bit. Hopefully there will be some non-rainy time tomorrow for hiking.

My campsite by the small river.
My campsite by the small river.
Bronwyn Woods