Day 15: Rest day in Eureka

September 7, 2013. 83.41 miles.

Not all that much to say, but it was nice to take a day off.

– Breakfast at a coffee shop (waffles, mmm)
– Food shopping at the co-op (bananas, sunflower seed butter, and Nutella purchased)
– Preliminary planning of the remaining trip, mostly to figure out how much time I should spend in San Francisco (a couple days, it looks like)
– Laundry
– Wandering about
– Dinner at the highly reviewed Vietnamese restaurant that was fairly mediocre (a guy on a road trip invited himself to sit with me, turned out he was from Pittsburgh, but I wasn’t really in the mood for company so wasn’t very social and left quickly)
– Ice cream (also mediocre)
– Updating this blog

Bronwyn Woods