Day 25: Sunset to Andrew Molera State Park

September 19, 2013. 62.37 miles.

Some raw notes:

Started at noon for no good reason
Fields, fields, of strawberries artichokes, lettuce
Smelled like strawberries
Saw stands selling deep fried Artichoke hearts, but was too early to stop. I sort of regret it, because they sound good.
Got a bit off course by following signs instead of map, but found the route again.
Bike path through Seaside and Monterey.
Met guy from campground with companion going the other way, made me realize I had missed turn.
Biked out of metro area with them, stopped to eat, stopped for food (beer), then lost them til the campground.
Pretty through beginning of big Sur.
Cow underpass
Long Hills down
Used third chainring a bunch (getting stronger or just wind?)

Found the pair of other cyclists again coming in to the campground and we splitter cost of a site (no hiker/biker). Campground was walk-in and “primitive” (no showers). Full of surfers. The moon rising was quite dramatic.

Bronwyn Woods